Contact Lenses

Contact lenses give the option of having a different look but can also be beneficial during sports and outdoor activities. At Bulkington Eye Clinic our optometrists are fully experienced to fit most types of contact lenses and we have access to all the major suppliers and many specialised laboratories.


To assess your suitability to contact lenses an eye examination followed by a contact lens consultation is required. The consultation will include the following:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the cornea and anterior eye structures
  • Discussion of your needs and hence selection on lens type
  • A short trial with the lenses selected for you
  • An assessment on the fitting of the lens and visions obtained
  • A teach on insertion and removal and handling of the lenses
  • Tuition on use, care and a personalised aftercare regime

Contact lens types

  • Soft daily disposables; ideal for occasional or regular use. Hygienic and hassle-free as no cleaning involved
  • Soft monthly disposables; ideal for regular wear. Vast technology advances allowing excellent vision, increased comfort and increased oxygen permeability
  • Soft toric lenses; available as daily, monthly or ‘annual’ replacement dependant on your prescription
  • Extended soft lenses; convenient allowing up to 30 days continuous wear with high oxygen levels to the cornea
  • Gas Permeable; high levels of oxygen permeability attainable. Good long term corneal response
  • Soft coloured; ideal for a ‘different’ look occasionally or more regularly. Available as daily or monthly disposable and in a wide variety of colours

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