Following your eye examination our optometrists will give you expert advice on choosing the best lenses for your vision. Your prescription, occupation, lifestyle and hobbies will be considered during your lens selection consultation.

Lens Type

  • Single vision lenses are prescribed for distance, intermediate or reading correction
  • Bifocals can combine distance, intermediate and reading but with a visible line
  • Varifocals have no visible line and blend together the distance, intermediate and reading correction

Lens Options

  • Scratch resistant hard coated lenses giving more durability
  • Anti-reflection coatings make life more comfortable by reducing glare as well as improving the cosmetic appearance of your glasses
  • Transition/Photochromic lenses darken in the presence of UV light. This overcomes the need to carry prescription sunglasses as well as giving you protection from harmful UV radiation. We supply the fastest changeable transition lenses
  • Hi-Index modern technology allows your lenses to be made thinner and lighter. This makes your glasses more comfortable to wear and improves the cosmetic appearance
  • Tints can reduce glare problems but we also offer fashion tints. Available in almost any colour and any level of intensity. Fixed and graduated tints can be supplied
  • Polarised lenses improve vision by dramatically reducing glare
  • Polycarbonate lenses are high impact resistant and are suitable where enhanced eye safety is a required

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